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Bringing the Bosniak Islamic community together through Bosniak culture and Islamic teachings.

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The Bosniaks Islamic and Cultural Center of Austin (BICCA) was established in 2022 with the mission of preserving Bosniak culture and tradition. While still a work in progress, BICCA serves a small community of Bosniaks in Austin and aims to join the network of all Bosniak communities throughout the United States. BICCA also seeks to build connections with other communities here in Austin to learn cultural similarities and differences and to have opportunity to work together on larger programs such as raising funds to assist communities at large, locally and across the board.

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One of the future BICCA’s projects is to establish programs for youth activities, developmental, and social skills. Besides building connections with other communities in the United States, the Bosniaks Islamic and Cultural Center of Austin (BICCA) also seeks to maintain strong ties with Bosniak communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this includes facilitating cultural and educational exchanges between the two communities and promoting understanding and cooperation between Bosniaks in the United States and their counterparts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. BICCA’s programs and activities will help preserve and celebrate Bosniak culture and tradition across all generations of the members of the comunity.

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    Your financial contribution, no matter the size, directly impacts the growth and sustainability of our community initiatives. It ensures that we can continue to provide essential services and programs.

  • Beyond monetary support, your time and skills are invaluable. Consider volunteering to help organize events, mentor youth, or contribute your expertise to our educational endeavors. By supporting the Islamic Bosniak Community in Austin, you become an integral part of a movement that transcends cultural and religious boundaries. Together, we forge a path that honors our heritage, nurtures our families, and inspires the next generation to embrace the beauty of Islamic and Bosnian traditions. For more information on how you can contribute, please visit our website [website link] or contact us at / +1(512)-850-2325.

  • BICCA serves as a gathering place for Bosniak individuals and families in Austin. By becoming a member, you will connect with like-minded individuals who share a common heritage, values, and the beauty of Islam.

  • As a member, you play a crucial role in preserving and promoting Bosniak culture and traditions. BICCA hosts cultural events, language programs, and educational initiatives that need your support to thrive.

  • As a member, you play a crucial role in preserving and promoting Bosniak culture and traditions. BICCA hosts cultural events, language programs, and educational initiatives that need your support to thrive.



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Eid / Bajram Breakfast

BICCA hosted a breakfast after Eid prayer in 2022.

Community Service

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Children are always learning at BICCA


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Osman Skrebo



Adil Smajic

Board Member

+1(512) 422-6165

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a Bosniak?

    Bosniaks are generally defined as the South Slavic nation on the territory of the former Yugoslavia whose members identify themselves with Bosnia and Herzegovina as their ethnic state and are part of such a common nation, and of whom a majority are Muslim by religion.

  • Contact our membership coordinator at / +1(512)-850-2325 for assistance and additional information. Your membership not only supports the sustainability of BICCA but also makes you an integral part of a community dedicated to fostering cultural pride, religious understanding, and unity. We warmly welcome you to join us on this journey. Together, we can build a stronger, more connected Bosniak community in Austin.


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Osman Skrebo: +1(512)-850-2325

Adil Smajic: +1(512) 422-6165

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